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By Mark Moldwin

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One among first undergraduate textbooks on area climate designed for introductory house physics classes.

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For example, 104 × 104 = 104+4 = 108 . For division, simply subtract the exponents (104 ÷ 106 = 104−6 = 10−2 ). Example: the radius of the Sun is 7 × 105 km. The radius of Earth is approximately 7 × 103 km. How many Earths could fit across the face of the Sun? Answer: the answer can be found by calculating how many Earth radii it takes to equal one solar radius. x × 1rE = 1Rsolar x= 7 1Rsolar 7 × 105 km = × 105−3 = 1 × 102 . = 3 1rE 7 × 10 km 7 Therefore, 102 or 100 Earths can fit across the Sun.

4 What is the distance from the Sun to Earth in terms of solar radii? Earth radii? 5 How long (in days) does it take a parcel of solar wind traveling at 400 km s−1 to reach each planet? 5 AU, Jupiter = 5 AU, Saturn = 10 AU, Uranus = 20 AU, Neptune = 30 AU, Pluto = 40 AU). 6 How does the development of new observational instruments contribute to our understanding of our natural world? Chapter 2 The variable Sun The spots do not remain stationary upon the body of the sun, but appear to move in relation to it with regular motions.

1) where f is the perceived frequency; f0 is the actual frequency; vs is the speed of the source; vo is the speed of the observer; and v is the speed of the waves. The (+) is used when the source and observer are moving toward each other, and (−) when they are moving apart. Photons and energy Light is one form of electromagnetic radiation. What is interesting about electromagnetic radiation is that it behaves as both a wave and as a discrete particle. Light will act as a wave if we send it through a prism or diffraction grating and will separate out into a rainbow because of refraction.

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