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By V S Letokhov, Pierre Meystre

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The beginning of quantum electronics in the course of the 20 th century and the subsquent discovery of the laser ended in new tendencies in physics and a couple of photonic technolgies. This quantity is devoted to Peter Franken, a pioneer of nonlinear optics, and comprises papers via the founders of quantum electronics, Aleksandr Prokhorov, Nicolaas Blombergen, and Norman Ramsey. the themes lined diversity from astronomy to nuclear and semiconductor physics, and from basic difficulties in quantum mechanics to functions in novel laser fabrics and nanoscience.

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A remarkable feature of the Eqs. (3 5) and (3 6) is that xrCl1 = rol 2 - Y2�b) does not depend upon Y2�b ' This suggests that the index enhancement phenomenon remains intact even if Y2�b very small. That is, one arrives at the conclusion that, in the present system, index enhancement without accompanying fast spontaneous emission is achievable. On the other it is clear that the decay rate Y2 �b cannot be arbitrarily small. In the case of vanishing Yz- >b ' there is no dipole moment between the stales 12) and Ib).

O. Scully, Phys. Rep. , 219, 191 ( 1992) . P. Mandel, Contemporary Physics. 34, 235 ( 1994). S . E . Harris , Phys. Today, 5 0 , 36 ( 1 997). H. Schmidt, K. L. Campman, A. C. Gossard and A. Imamoglu, Appl. Phys. Lett, 70, 3455 ( 1997). This page intentionally left blank 5 ON EXCITATION OF MOSSBA UER=lEVElS OF HEAVY UClEI IN LASER-PROD UCED PLASMA A. Ao Papchenko and 10 I. Sobelman The possibility of excitation of so-called Mbssbauer low-lying nuclear levels in dense short-lived laser-produced plasma (LPP) was discussed in [ 1 ] .

Fi - RPbh + ( YHb -7 y' )PI I + ( Y2 """,b -7 y' )P22 + ( Yl b + Y2 b )(PI 2 + P2 1 ) , (A1 6) with the following definitions (AI7) (A1 8) (A19) (A20) where g�1 = g�a cos (J + g�C sin (J and g�2 = - g�a sin (J + g� cos (J (A2 1 ) (A22) (A23) (A24) where glJ g: cos (J + g gJ' sin (J and g �b decay rates are = = - g�h sin (J + ggJ' cos (J. The coherence YI 2 = 1 I 2( YHb + Y2 """,b ) + y" + y' , (A2S) (A2 6) Y2 b = 1 / 2( Y2 ->b + R + y" + y' ) . 2, the separation of the dressed states, are much smaller than the transition from I d> to one of them and also much smaller than the transition from one of them to Ib>.

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