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“Whenever my efforts to give an explanation for this strange venture succeeded, i'd continuously listen, ‘Oh i am getting it. You’re writing Cliffs Notes for Karl Rahner!’ I’m definite the writers of Cliffs Notes could say an analogous factor approximately their paintings as I do approximately mine. it isn't meant to replacement for interpreting Rahner’s Theological Investigations. to the contrary I basically wish this reference e-book will open his treasure trove of essay either to the student in addition to to different severe readers of theology. every body acquainted with Rahner’s nice 23-volume Theological Investigations is familiar with the sequence is difficult to exploit since it lacks a key. The titles usually fail to explain the contents of the essays safely; there is not any cumulative index in English; the present indices on the finish of every quantity are tedious and didn't distinguish major discussions of a subject matter from informal references; and in need of wading via a whole essay there's no solution to understand fast even if it includes the fabric one is seeking. This e-book makes an attempt to deal with those problems.” — From the Introduction.
Dan Pekarske, SDS., is a Salvatorian with M.A.’s in philosophy and theology, and a Ph.D. in spiritual reviews from Marquette collage. After educating 6 years in his Society’s significant seminary in Tanzania, East Africa, he now serves as an consultant on the Sacred middle university of Theology in Hales Corners, WI. His different guides comprise Abstracts of Karl Rahner’s Unserialized Essays (Marquette college Press, #60 during this series); The lifetime of Johann Baptist Jordan, recognized in spiritual existence as Francis Mary of the pass, Volumes 1-5, 2008 (ed.); the instant of Grace: a hundred Years of Salvatorian existence and Ministry within the usa, 2 volumes, 1994 (ed.).

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Subsidiary Discussions: BVM, Assumption of (205); Theological anthropology (211-216); Creed, “Resurrection of the flesh” (213f). Precis: This essay divides into three unequal parts: the neglected state of the doctrine today (204-208); a note on demythologizing (207-210); Rahner’s approach to the doctrine (210-216). Despite it’s inclusion in the creed, its attestation in scripture, and its perennial mention in theology, resurrection of the body is in danger of being marginalized or replaced by more acceptable concepts like the immortality of the soul.

It progressively unfolds in its teaching, and commandments “as the sanctification of men in her sacraments” (123). The sacraments are constitutive signs. They are sign of grace not only because they are its cause but essentially because as causes they are signs. This causality, per modum signi, must not be confused with any other causality, though by analogy it is much like the visible church being the expression of grace in time and space of the actions of Christ. Insofar as Christ acts on us by giving his grace the form of constitutive signs it is Christ who renders the sacraments efficacious and not the minister or the recipient.

Abstract: This analysis of concupiscence presumes all prerequisites of free decision are present in human nature both now and in Adam before the fall. Topics: CONCUPISCENCE; THEOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, mono-/polygenism; HUMAN NATURE, gift of integrity; FREEDOM and decision (360-369); NATURE and person (362-368); SUPERNATURAL EXISTENTIAL (376-382). Subsidiary Discussions: Sin in biblical theology, (347 ftn1); Sarx (354 ftn2); Theology, dogmatic (proofs in) (349); Grace, grades of (356 ftn1); Appetite, structure of (358-359); Cognition in scholastic anthropology (359-360); Matter (363 ftn1); Repentance (366 ftn2); Concupiscence, Christ’s freedom from (364 ftn1, 367-368); Sin, venial (370-371); Apatheia (374); “Heart,” German mysticism of (374).

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