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5. Draw a simple map, showing various locations mentioned in the novel. 6. Choose any page from the novel. Rewrite all the dialogue. 7. Playing the role of a newspaper reporter, write a brief article describing one of the events that occurs in the novel. 2. Write a description of the daily life of ordinary people at the time this story was written. Use library resources to find information. 3. Make a diorama depicting one of the important scenes in the story. 4. Ask a librarian to help you find a recipe for a dish that was popular at the time depicted in the story.

C. The Marquis didn’t know the patient’s name. 2. Dr. Manette saw that the Marquis seemed more annoyed than worried. a. The Marquis was too upset to speak clearly. b. The Marquis didn’t know how to show his feelings. c. The Marquis had no sympathy for the patient. 3. The wounded boy said the Marquis would pay for what he had done. 4. The Marquis warned Dr. Manette to tell no one what had happened. a. He knew the doctor had trouble keeping secrets. b. The Marquis was aware that he had broken the law.

Dr. Manette had been imprisoned by one of the ( Citizens / nobles ). 5. The ( jury / judges ) announced that they were ready to vote. 6. Dr. Manette stared in shock at the ( armed / army ) men at the door. 7. One red-capped man said that ( Dr. Manette / Citizen Defarge ) had accused Darnay of a crime. com A TALE OF TWO CITIES • Chapter 18 9 WORDS AND MEANINGS NAME A. B. DATE Circle the hidden words. They may go up, down, across, backward, or diagonally. Check off each word as you find it. L L E C P A C K E T S G Y I Y V X E M E L A S N D L L R O T P S O F U I L A T N A D U N R D O E M R M N M I N I S T E R S E T E E A D R Y S G K S I H E D D S A B D A O V E S C D I I N L A R E N U F T I F C F T ___ CHEMIST ___ CONFIDENTLY ___ MINISTER ___ EXPRESSION ___ FUNERAL ___ OUTRAGEOUS ___ DIARY ___ PACKETS E N U C E M E I N O I N ___ GLOOMY ___ MEDICINE S U W G L O O M Y E T N O ___ CELL ___ DRUGS O G O R G A B R E C E S I Use words from the puzzle to complete the sentences.

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