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By Shaun Gallagher, Bruce Janz, Lauren Reinerman, Jörg Trempler, Patricia Bockelman

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This booklet offers a learn of many of the emotions of awe and sweetness skilled by way of astronauts in the course of area flight. It summarizes the result of experimental, interdisciplinary stories that hire equipment from neuroscience, psychology, phenomenology and simulation know-how, and it argues for a non-reductionist method of cognitive technology.

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See Nicogossian and Parker 1982). We note that, not only the effects of microgravity, but also the complex physical demands of space flight, in-space work environments and intensive work schedules can involve significant and complex bodily changes that may affect cognition. Changes in circadian rhythms, hormonal changes, and disrupted sleep schedules can lead to decreased cognitive performance (Mallis and DeRoshia 2005; Newberg 1994; Strollo 1999). Variations in such conditions, however, are not regular and depend on circumstances and the physical conditions of each individual astronaut (and likewise each individual participant in the experiment).

There are further differentiations to make across these consensus categories. We can cut the cake a number of different ways and through a number of different layers. For example, some of the experiences are clearly aesthetic – obviously those we categorized as aesthetic experiences, but also experiences of the sublime, and poetic expression. In addition, sometimes the aesthetic experience leads to inspiration; sometimes it’s beauty that motivates the experience of being overwhelmed. Other experiences may be purely intellectual.

I can’t pick up a dialogue by Plato and somehow interpret it to be a play by Shakespeare. To get more precise interpretations, I can do some historical research to understand the context that (literally) goes with the text. ” This principle can be expressed as follows: one part of the text throws light on another part; the whole of the text constrains the interpretation of the parts, and vice versa – the interpretation of parts constrains the interpretation of the whole. The idea is that the interpreter needs to go back and forth between parts and whole until the understood meaning of the parts coherently mesh with the understood meaning of the whole.

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A Neurophenomenology of Awe and Wonder: Towards a Non-Reductionist Cognitive Science by Shaun Gallagher, Bruce Janz, Lauren Reinerman, Jörg Trempler, Patricia Bockelman

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