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46 phrase reading through the local daily newspaper lacks the correct noun or pronoun to modify. This sentence has a problem with verb tense. The past perfect tense is used to refer to action completed prior to a specific time in the past. You should replace has been with had been. An adverb is needed to modify the verb went. Slow should be replaced with slowly. Do not use however as a conjunction between independent clauses. Use a semicolon or a period instead. This example has a problem with the pronoun case.

You need to spot an error in verb tense. If you look at the other verbs in the sentence (revealed, asked, responded), they are all in the past tense. The phrase are quiet should be were quiet in order to be consistent. 25. e. When you have a fraction in a sentence, the object of the preposition determines the number of the verb. In this case, the object is planet, which is singular, so the verb was is correct. 26. c. As with fractions, when you use percentages, the number of the verb is determined by the object of the preposition.

The riveting The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has been read by more people than any other in the a b long history of The New York Times national best-sellers lists. No error. c d e 58. If one takes the time to plan a vacation, map the best route, reserve the hotels, purchase the tickets, and a b pack the luggage, the least you could do is be ready on time! No error. c d e 59. Although Lydia knows everything there is to know about trees and plants, they do not think that her idea a b c of opening her own nursery is a very good one.

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